RJ Smith Materials provides high quality products and services that are environmentally sound and save you money. Our state-of-the-art aggregate production facility, well-trained staff and high quality performance materials ensure that each customer has a positive experience.Recycled Concrete is the most recycled construction material in the world. The Construction Demolition & Recycling Association estimates that over 140 million tons of concrete are recycled each year in the United States.

The source for recycled concrete aggregates may come from buildings, foundations, roads, highways, airport runways, bridges and more. Recycled concrete can be used as base materials for new roads, parking lots, driveways and foundation backfills.  Recycled Concrete Aggregates provide for increased workability and structural strength when used as a base or fill material.

Recycled concrete is a smart choice: it saves natural resources; reduces unnecessary consumption of limited landfill space; saves energy by reducing truck traffic; and reduces the environmental impact of quarried stone.

RJ Smith Materials has removed over 2 million tons of concrete from the landfill waste stream. The concrete waste is converted into clean, high quality aggregates similar in size to quarried stone.  Recycled Concrete is lighter which translates into fewer trucks, performs well and meets our customer’s high expectations. This saves our customers TIME, MONEY and PIECE OF MIND

Save some green and reduce your project’s carbon footprint by using recycled concrete aggregates.

The LEED Green Building Rating System recognizes recycled concrete as a valuable resource.

Questions about Concrete Recycling?

Our crushers and screeners are equipped with electromagnetic belts, which separate the metal from the crushed material. The metal is then placed into a recycling container and sold as scrap.  Quality control inspectors are stationed throughout the production process, ensuring that the products meet the high standards of our customers.

Our customers are seeing considerable project savings by using less quarried stone. Your savings are increased by the reduction of transportation, disposal costs, and the fact that recycled concrete aggregates yield 15% or more volume by weight over quarried stone.

Your construction project may also benefit by diverting waste concrete from landfills. Don’t let your concrete weigh you down. Increase your project savings by bringing it to RJ Smith Materials today!

RJ Smith Materials is Your ONE SOURCE for high quality construction and landscape materials:

  • Recycled Aggregates
  • Topsoil
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  • Gravel
  • Fill Dirt

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