RJ Smith Companies has over 20 years’ experience providing safe, effective, and environmentally friendly solutions to some of the nation’s largest environmental issues. We pride ourselves in being able to proficiently work in fields from stream restoration to landfill construction to transportation of CCR’s while continuing our goal of providing means for beneficial reuse.

environmental remediation

Erosion Control measures are in place to protect our environment. E&S Failure could lead to sediment and runoff finding their way into the many streams, creeks, ponds, lakes, and eventually rivers. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to attack these problems head on and quickly, whether it be stream restoration, slope stabilization, or bio-retention pond maintenance. We understand that these issues need to be addressed quickly. We work closely with Contractors and the Regulating Authority to ensure that the appropriate manpower and equipment are dedicated to the project, and that the issue is resolved in the most efficient, least impactful way possible.

With over 150 dump trucks and trailers in our fleet, we have the ability to haul any product for any customer. Some materials are no longer permitted in general landfills and we have the capability to safely haul them to a more environmentally friendly site.

At RJ Smith we are already dedicated to diverting C&D waste from the landfills and creating products for re-use in new construction. We recycle a variety of products including, metals, concrete, asphalt and wood. These products become reusable in roadways and building construction as well as landscaping and bio-fuel. The recycled metals get returned to the mill and smelted back down and reproduced into new product. Through the help of our skilled staff, and knowledgeable partners, our goal is to stay on the leading edge of beneficial re-use helping to sustain a better environment.

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