The ability to prepare for an Emergency is nearly impossible, however with our vast experience, and our ability to respond quickly regardless the weather impact, we can control the outcome of any situation. Whether it be fire, man-made disaster or natural disaster, our teams are ready to respond promptly and restore things back to normal. Disasters come in many forms and are very unpredictable. RJ Smith has the capability to provide Emergency Services when called upon. When a building has been damaged by fire, weather, earthquake or other disasters our team has the knowledge and experience of local regulations to expedite the process and alleviate the danger.

Mother Nature can sometimes be ruthless on anything in her path. At RJ Smith we not only provide services after she strikes, we also play a large role in emergency preparedness. We have the equipment and resources to quickly prepare for any event. Whether the need be for select clearing or material transport, Interstate snow removal, we will promptly focus our efforts on minimizing weather related impact.

Another form of emergency could be the failure of a man made object. Roadway failures, structure failures and utility failures could all happen when least expected. We have a team on call of responding without hesitation. With the appropriate equipment available and our skilled staff, we can restore operations to working order.

Our Headquarters is fully operational in any situation. Capable of being powered and online 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, we have the constant flow of up-to-date information and steady resources. With our inventory of equipment and large trucking fleet we have the ability to solve any problem that may arise.

Our focus is to quickly remove the hazards and allow our customer to return to everyday life as quickly and safely as possible.

Some of our services include :

FEMA Contracting, Disaster Recovery, Disaster Relief, Disaster Contracting, Emergency Relief, Disposal, Dumpsters, Disaster response, Army Corp of Engineers Contracting, North Carolina State Disaster Contracting, Disaster assistance

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