RJ Smith Companies was founded in 1995 in Richmond, Virginia specializing in Site Development and Heavy Highway Construction. Today, we provide full scale Demolition while also focusing on Environmental Remediation. We also have experienced teams providing Erosion Control, Recycling, Utility Infrastructure, and Emergency Services. Our office staff is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to handling the variety of administrative requirements of these industries.

RJ Smith is committed to providing a safe work environment, protecting our employees and our customers while maintaining efficiency.

Geographically, as our clients have grown, we’ve expanded throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, and across the entire Mid-Atlantic.

Our team believes that our success is dependent upon the satisfaction of our Customers.


Richard E. Smith
Owner, RJ Smith Companies

Richard literally grew up on construction sites. His family has owned and operated a residential excavating business in Richmond, Virginia since the early ’70’s. From the playpen on the front porch of a home under construction while his parents worked, to operating 160 Excavators as a teenager to starting RJ Smith Construction in 1995. Richard continues to use his creativity and hard work ethic to grow his core site development operations. At the same time, he manages the company’s additional ancillary corporations.

Richard has a list of impressive achievements, but he’d be the last to share them with you. He’s remained focused and concerned about the needs of the staff and his clients, while his corporations have continued to grow.

He still drives a pickup truck and will be the first to grab a broom if he sees dirt from muddy boots on the corporate office floors. That’s what makes him special.

Richard Smith
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