all the experience needed to keep things flowing smoothly underground recycle your concrete, don't let it weigh you down a top performing and self-performing general contracting team solid development services from the group up experience in landfill construction to meet the most demanding environmental requirements complete site development elevated to an art form all the right equipment and experience to get the job done heavy experience in heavy highway and subdivision streets solid solutions for concrete disposal

A one-stop shop for development, design and construction services

If you're a commercial developer, municipality, general contractor or individual homeowner, you'll soon discover that with RJ Smith, you get more than just words, you get action that produces results.

In short, you get a multi-faceted team, dedicated to completing your project within your schedule and budget.

We create efficiencies and cost savings from start to finish by each division working together towards the common goal of providing you with quality construction. And in an industry where the site is a large variable, we take pride in our value engineering up front during the estimating process, our top notch staff that self-performs the majority of the construction, and our long standing relationships with suppliers and subcontractors. No question, you reap the benefits.

Experience first hand the ease of doing business with a site developer and GC firm that are on the same team. And enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with a group of companies that are insured and bonded with a reputable AA++ surety.

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Earn Plans Complete site packages from start to finish, including clearing, grading and more. • details

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Comprehensive Services

Small Truck With our extensive experience and ability to both design and build, RJ Smith gets it done.

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